Our Mission

    OFor the Love of Grace Foundation is a rare disease foundation dedicated to the eradication of brain tumors and histiocytosis in children. We proudly support the efforts of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Our Cause

Pediatric Brain Tumors

Over 4,000 children will be diagnosed with a brain tumor this year alone. Primary tumors, both benign and malignant, are life-threatening. They are the the second leading cause of death in children – killing more kids than leukemia or any other cancer. Prognosis is based upon the tumors, location, grade and available treatments. Shockingly less than 1 percent of federal funding is allocated to pediatric brain tumor research. In the past 40 years, only 2 treatments have been approved by the FDA to battle pediatric brain tumors specifically. It’s time to give our kids hope. Awareness will lead to funding. Funding will lead to research. Research will lead to better treatments and hopefully a cure.


Join the FTLOGF for multiple awareness and family-fun oriented activties through the calendar year.


For The Love Of Grace Foundation was started by the Masciantonio family to honor their daughter Gianna Grace who has battled a brainstem tumor since birth.


FTLOGF provides religious resources for families seeking comfort and hope from the Divine Physician.

Spreading love, faith and hope to children and families facing rare and life-threating diseases

In The News

The Masciantonio family credits their little girl’s recovery to faith and the team at CHOP, including Dr. Phillip Storm and Dr. Amish Shah. They came today to donate $50,000 to CHOP in the name of Gianna’s foundation.

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